Rec Anything

No, really. ANYTHING.

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No, seriously. Rec anything. The movie you just saw, the book or fanfic you just read, the LJ you just found ... hell, even your favorite soda or those weird-flavored potato chips you can't get enough of. Why not, right?

Some quick rules:

-- "OMG BESTEST EVAH <3!!1!11!" is not a recommendation. Try to be coherent and step away from the netspeak, folks.
-- Make sure to tell the rest of us what's so great about what you're recommending, what exactly it is (book, TV show, website, etc.), and how we can all get our grubby little paws on it.
-- If you're going to rec anything that's not work-safe, you MUST include a warning in your rec.
-- No recommending yourself or your stories or your website ... this isn't the community for that. This is a community to rec other people's stuff that you can't live without.
-- Behave or the mod reserves the right to break up fights with a gigantic frozen trout. Don't think I won't.

Any questions can be directed to apocalypsos at the email address in her userinfo.